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Re: [MV] military tires

lombardi (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 19:07:23 -0400


I am looking for six new DUKW tires with the transverse military
tread; can you fellas make recommendations on a reputable
retailer. Would anyone be able to comment on a larger, similar
tire that will fit the DUKW wheel well.

Thanks in advance.

Joe Lombardi
Manchester, MA

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> Subject: [MV] military tires
> Date: Friday, May 30, 1997 1:27 PM
> I am brand new to military vehicle stuff, having just recently
> purchased my first ever military vehicle, a 1944 DUKW. I've joined the
> got their package in the mail last night. I'm learning as fast as I can
> folks, but I'm still scared to death I'm going to discard some
> thing as I fix, repair, and resurrect this beast.
> The beast came with 3 extra tires when I bought it. Apparently the
> owner picked them up from someplace thinking he would find another 3
> else. He never found anymore, so these 3 just laid on the ground outside
> years. I didn't really pay any attention to them, other than noting
> size 11.00 X 18 and loaded them up and hauled them home. I just assumed
> were Gamma Goat tires.
> As I cleaned up stuff and took stock of what I had and what I didn't
have, I
> looked closer at the extra tires. The tread looks deep, I estimate
> Each tire is made by a different vendor: Goodrich, Goodyear, Continental,
> they are all 10 ply. 10 ply? I thought Gamma Goat tires were 6 ply? Do
> have original DUKW tires?
> Someone said there are dates of manufacture on military tires. I can't
> any on these, anybody know where to look?
> Unfortunately, each tire has small cracks showing on the sidewalls.
> vary in length and width, some are as long as 3 inches. I assume these
> get bigger should I ever decide to mount and inflate these tires on a
rim, not
> to mention running it down the freeway on a hot summer day or deflating
> tires to climb out of the water on a sandy beach. My first reaction is
> tires will not survive long the way I intend to operate the vehicle, so I

> should look for near new, no crack, Gamma Goat tires. Does this make
> If it does, then I have no use for the 3 extra tires I have. If these
> normal tires I would just take them down to the local tire place and say
> "Here, scrap these" or whatever they do with old tires. I'm hesitant to
> this with these tires until I check with you folks first. Would they
> be of some use/value to someone with a static display DUKW and was
> with a restoration to the nth degree? If so, let me know before I
dispose of
> them.
> Thanks for all your help so far. By the way, I'm ready to purchase tires
> this beast. Depending on the answers to this message, I'll need either 4
> 10 ply tires or 7 Gamma Goat tires. What do the tour companies use on
> Duck Tour vehicles? Military surplus Gamma Goat tires, new Gamma Goat
> (produced within the last 5 years) or something else? Any suggestions?
> Mike Bennett 1944 DUKW
> PG&E
> (209) 434-9343
> Fresno, California, USA
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