Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Rocky Mountain Rendevous Convoy

[MV] Rocky Mountain Rendevous Convoy
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 13:53:22 -0400 (EDT)

I am planning on leaving Denver Tuesday July 29 and driving my '52 M37 to
Tincup, Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Rendevous. As the M37 will probably
be climbing the passes at less than 45 mph, I am wondering if there are
others going so we could form a convoy.

I have included some information about the event for those who may be
interested. For more information on the Rocky Mountain Rendevous, contact
Fred Coldwell via e-mail at





A gathering of Dodge four wheel drive vehicles,
civilian and military,
to be exercised and enjoyed
around the Continental Divide.


Join us high in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains,
Wednesday, July 30 through Saturday, August 2, 1997,
in the beautiful mountains surrounding Tincup, Colorado,
for four days of high country four-wheeling,
camping, and relaxation.

Families and children are especially welcome!

This year' s Rendezvous site will be near the Continental Divide and Tincup,
Colorado, in Gunnison county, close to Taylor Park Reservoir, about 36 miles
north-east of Gunnison, Colorado. We have found a large wooded camping area
to call home during the event, and a nearby meadow with plenty of room to
park our trucks. Access to the camp site is by a small dirt trail through an
open meadow.

We have a wide variety of trail rides, ranging from easy (level 1) to extreme
(level 10)., through several different areas. Cumberland Pass (12,200 ft,
level 2), Cottonwood Pass (level 2) and Handcock Pass (12,300, level 4) are
among the easier trail rides. They offer comfortable driving conditions and
good views of the area. Tincup Pass to St Elmo (12,150ft, level 6), and
Express Creek over Taylor Pass (11,928, level 5-6) are more challenging, but
not too technical. Texas Creek, Taylor Pass (level 6-7) and Italian Creek
(level 7-8) are difficult, technical, all day trips you can cut your teeth

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