Military Vehicles, June 1997,: re: [MV] Brakes, Carb, & Windshield

re: [MV] Brakes, Carb, & Windshield
20 JUN 97 12:14:42 EDT

For Question #1: Always replace the brake lines if they're over 20 years old.
They do corrode and rust through like all steel things. Yes I know some
people have ones that look just fine but the suprise is normally in the
hidden areas in the frame. We have a guy in the CT club that thought the
brakes were OK on his '50 Chevy right up until he lost them on a hill. He and
his son have recovered from their rollover injuries thankfully. The culprit
was rusted through steel lines. When he checked the M-37 in the garage the
lines looked fine until he got a hand in the hidden areas of the frame by the
rear axle and got back a handfull of damp rust. Yep...another accident
looking to happen. Since then several guys have checked and found weak spots
in the lines of various vehicles we drive. New lines may not get points for
originality but it sure beats damaged (or totaled) vehicles and injured or
worse for the people involved.

Good Luck,
Dennis O'Connor

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