Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] One for the Brits, perhaps

[MV] One for the Brits, perhaps

R. Notton (
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 04:11:26 -0400

Good Morning List,

An advert for A. J. IMPORTS at Pricketts Hill, Shedfield, Southampton has=

appeared in the periodicals here. Now **Pricketts Hill** is barely 1/2
mile from me and I drive it four times a day on average.

The "Farm" is actually a bungalow with a few sheep and pigs in the front
garden together with one "Jeep" and a OD Ford pick-up, a few old cars and=


Its not at all what I'd expect _but_ may be a useful source of parts,
before any of you part with some hard-earned you'd maybe like to give me =
excuse to knock on the door and have a poke

Southampton UK

** Pricketts Hill is a very narrow, twisty lane (but then I haven't drive=
the Stalwart through it yet) and often requires a back-up if two cars mee=

We call it 36 Egg Lane:

My wife was driving (just a smidgen too quick) in a nearly new car with a=

tray of
3 dozen eggs on the passengers seat, there was an oncoming car, she stomp=
the brake pedal, the car stopped, the eggs carried on.
There were no survivors.

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