Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re: [MV] M38A1 lines from air cleaner

Re: [MV] M38A1 lines from air cleaner
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 00:09:41 -0400 (EDT)

You are right about the lines going into the air cleaner being vent lines.
One line as you said goes into the top of the master cylinder; with the
other line going to the top of the fuel tank. These vent lines insure that
these areas of the mechanics remain at the proper pressure under fording
If I understand your message correctly, the missing part in the dash is for
the fording valve control. This is a pull lever, similiar to the choke
control which turns the fording valves on the air horn and the crankcase
ventilation (below the exhaust manifold) open or closed. With these valves
closed, it allowed the engine to build up internal pressure to keep water
out. These parts are available from several suppliers.
The starter switch should be on the floor, connected to the starter itself.
The dash switch did not contain the starter circuit, only an electrical
"on/off" switch.
If the former owner removed both lines going to the gas tank, how is your
fuel line routed?
The hood cut-out is also part of the fording kit. The snorkle went through

Hope this helps.

Rick Murdock
Purcellville, VA USA
'53 M38A1
'51 M37

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