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Re: [MV] goldie locks

Hank LaBarbara (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 19:52:50 -0400

At 11:14 AM 6/25/97 -0700, you wrote:
>is there a door handle lock system available for the m-37/m-43? i'd like
>to secure my truck but i don't want
>to weld or punch any holes in the original door. an identical drop in
>replacement handle and lock would
>be great. if so how much?
> thanx.
> haze
> m-43
> Van,b.c.

Take one of your handles off and go to place that sells handles for garage
doors. I went to a locksmith and they had handles that look almost
identical to the original except for the lock in the center of the handle.
The mounting flange lined up perfectly and I even used the original screws.
I had to buy two handles with matching keys. They were not expensive. Most
people who look at my M37 don't even notice.

Hank LaBarbara
Skokie, IL

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