Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Query

[MV] Query

Douglas Greville (
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 11:12:38 +0930

Last night (25/6/97 Australia) I pulled in my email and then moved
on to www on several military sites, mostly U.S. Signal Corp.

When I went to save some graphics to my \Temp directory I
discovered that I had been hit at some time during that session.

My \Temp directory had ~30 directories under it all in French
Language, the terms I did recognise were Chars (tanks) etc, all
had a military French theme. My existing sub-directories had all
been re-assigned garbage names as had all the files in them.
File size information was ludicrous such as 1 file of 750 meg
and another of 500meg (greater than the previously remaining
free space on my hard disk).

My Virus checker kept locking up.

I eventually succeeded in deleting the entire contents of the
\Temp directory, but it was not easy as I kept getting error
messages as to "file does not exist" and "file name has been
changed" and "incorrect disk inserted" (on my hard disk).

My virus checker now reports everything OK. Not that it ever
said there was a virus.

I did not at any time go anywhere near a French language site.
Nor do I recall seeing anything download to my computer.

Anyone have any clues as to what the heck happened?


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