Military Vehicles, June 1997,: RE: [MV] 1945 MB Combat Rims

RE: [MV] 1945 MB Combat Rims

Todd Paisley (
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 22:03:13 -0400

>One-piece rims are better if you intend to drive a lot, but
>of course, if you're a purist...The Combat wheels ARE the Original
>Equipment on all Jeeps (WO or Ford) made.

Except for MB slat grilles up to serial number 120700. They used the
same solid rim as the MA.

Todd Paisley
'41 Willys MB "slat-grille"
'42 Ford GPW "script" (very rough)
'44 CJ2 Agri-Jeep (#12 of 12 prototypes built for testing
whether Jeeps had a civilian use!) (restoration
in progress.)
'45 CJ2A (68th CJ ever built!) (Just a pile of parts...)
'46 CJ2A (early column shift)
'46 CJ2A (late)
'47 CJ2A (Farm Jeep with 3-point Monroe hydraulic implement lift)
'48 CJ2A (trencher)
'48 CJ2A (one of the 9000 with a left side spare tire mount before
Willys-Overland decided to move it back to the right side.)
'64 CJ5A (Tuxedo Park Mark IV) (column shift with front bench seat option)
'64 Wagoneer (with IFS option) (39,000 original miles)

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