Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re: [MV] 1945 MB Combat Rims

Re: [MV] 1945 MB Combat Rims

Auke Dijkstra (
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 22:21:11 -0700

Antoine Compin wrote:
> At 08:14 AM 6/28/97 -0400, Jeff Polidoro wrote:
> >Almost there, Antoine,
> >
> >Think you might need one more sentence to make it clear that the exception
> >applies only to MBs as all GPWs, even prior to May 42, had combat rims.
> Right again Jeff!
> Oh well I'll eat [the] crow[-bar] it took me to pry these @!5&!ng split
> rims open...
> I still have three solid wheels back in Normandy.

Hi Antoine,

Those solid wheels that came off your ex-French jeep and trailer
probably are M-201 (Hotchkiss) wheels. Original early rims are very
hard to find in Europe, Hotchkiss rims are very easy to find in
Europe. Lots of people tell me "why don't you put those Hotchkiss
rims on your GP??, nobody will notice!" well.., the Hotchkiss rims
really have a different shape, you can tell the difference even from
10 meters away (It is a bit hard for me to explain the difference
in English) . For me it just isn't right to put those rims on my GP,
I wouldn't be happy with it, I'm too much in to details. Other people
don't care too much about those original things, in Holland lots of
people have the Hotchkiss or M-38 rims on their MB/GPW's, some
jeeps even are Hotchkiss with a few GPW bolts in them (in USA markings,
and taking part in "Keep Them Rolling" (local '40-'45 MV organisation)
parades) everything is possible. Now don't think that all the MV's
in Holland are like this.


Auke Dijkstra
The Netherlands Europe

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