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[MV] MV Parts

David C. Decker (
Sat, 06 Sep 1997 22:29:49 -0700

Hello List. I posted this source of MV parts awhile back, but with a lot
of inquiries coming up, I thought I would do it again.
Jack's Gov't. Surplus
5181 E. Drexel Road
Tucson, Arizona 85706
ph. 520-574-0300
fax. 520-574-1729

Jack has been in business for at least 25 years and in well known in the
southwest. He has at least 4 'yards' of every mil veh you can think of.
Rows and rows of M37, 715, heck, I could go on and on. I find his prices
to be maybe a little high, but the guy is still in business and I still
buy from him on occasion. He states that he is in the business of
building trucks and selling them, which he does, but he has so many
vehicles, no one could hope to get all of them running in just one
lifetime. There are 'trees' growing up between the bumpers and bodies of
some of his vehicles. Others are piled and stacked, it is a trip just to
walk around the place. I have shot a few dozen photos just for the record
of paint schemes and such. I'm glad his yards are in the dry desert
instead of a place where the stuff would rust in time.
If anyone who reads this has any negative things to say about the man,
please do it, if he has 'burned' anyone I would like to know. He is not
one I would call my friend and I do not get any commission from this. I
do plan on buying from him in the future, so maybe I can hope to get a
break on prices, so in referral, please say that you heard about him

Dave Decker in Flagstaff

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