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[MV] MV Names

David C. Decker (
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 12:55:28 -0700

During my first tour of RVN, 1969, the M48A3 tanks I was assigned to had
various names, but no artwork. (3rd Plt. 'B' 2/34Armor, 1 Inf)

'Iron Butterfly' - not a bad name for a 52 ton MBT!
'Desolation Row' - after the Bob Dillon song.
'Stud' - teenage crew
'Murder, Inc.' - after a 30's Chicago gang.
To my understanding some of the tanks from the 69th Armor had a shark's
mouth and teeth painted on them.

My second tour as a LOACH gunner, I spent with 'Outcasts' Plt. C/16Cav,
with some of AH-1G Cobra gunships painted with shark's teeth and the

'Baron Von Lemon'
'Saten's Snake'

LOACHES (OH6A Cayuse - LOH) were shot down too quickly to have the time
to paint names on them, although 'Miss Clawd IV' survives at the Army
Aviation Museum.
I'm sure there were other names, but after 27 years...... A lot of the
truck drivers we escorted with tanks had their names painted under the

My M274 Mule is named 'Ruthie' after Festus's mule in Gunsmoke.
The M715 Jeep is called 'The Beast' by the neighbors, but awaits an
'event' to earn a real name.
My 82 Chevy 4WD PU is named 'Carmine' after the color of the paint and
because I like the name.
My wife is named------let me see,,,,I have it here somewhere.......

Flagstaff, AZ

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