Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] Brakes and my rookie opinion...

Re: [MV] Brakes and my rookie opinion...

gamma_goat (
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 12:35:00 -0700

I know my race car has heated the rotors up to the point of making them a
dull red, warping them, (and tearing up the shoes, etc.)(very high speed
panic stop) ceramics aren't an option for me :( ... but this car only
weighs 1500 lbs .... I'd be willing to bet, with airflow considerations,
etc, that your master cylinder, etc will only reach 150 or so (200 max)
because of exhaust temp .... partially because it has metal it's bolted to
to help dissapate heat as well.. (the lower end of those numbers isn't
pretty, the upper is askin for it) ... these kind of temperatures are not
unlikeley at all in the case of something big on a long downhill grade...

there's a book i use called the metal fabricators handbook that i find in
my hands alot... since asbestos is out, you might want to look into
multiple heat shields...

my high school engine shop teacher pointed out the obvious when he said
"son, it doesn't matter how fast it goes if you can't stop it" :)


>Yesterday, I removed the heat shield backing plate just under the exhaust
>on my M38A1. I was amazed at the heat generated at that point in the
>system. The metal plate was a bit warped and the asbestos was pretty well
>destroyed. I found it very interesting that just on top of that plate sits
>the master cylinder and input lines for front/rear brakes. (I'm down to
>drivetrain & engine only on the frame so yes, it was very easy!)
>I propose that regardless of the load of the jeep and it's carrying
>stopping under full force would not generate near the heat that the exhaust
>manifold/pipe generates while accelerating to and driving at speed. This
>would be true on even short trips. Therefore, I would lean more towards the
>evaporative aspects of the fluid over time with the heat generated as the
>primary driver to the process.
>Is this a workable theory???
>Austin, Texas
>53 M38A1
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