Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] Dodge Steering Wheels

Re: [MV] Dodge Steering Wheels
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 02:10:00 -0400 (EDT)

My M37 has a black plastic 3-spoke steering wheel that was originally painted
OD 595-24087 Semi Gloss. It appears to be original.

Rob Kiser
'52 M37

<< All the WC Dodge steering wheels I've seen up to now have been either
shiny black plastic or plastic rimmed with metal spokes - I assumed the
metal spoked ones were later. I was looking for a replacement for the
Carryall, and found one on an early Weapons Carrier that was just like
the existing one but green plastic. I bought it anyway, but can
someone advise if it is early, late, M37 or what? >>

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