Military-Vehicles: [MV] My poor Willys is dying...

[MV] My poor Willys is dying...

Ira Miller (
Sun, 12 Oct 97 22:29:34 PDT

I have gotten rather frustrated with my 1961 Willys SW lately. Everything=
is starting to
go to pieces. I had to replace my brake system almost entirely because =
of the
old brittle lines. But now my real problem is in the transmission. The =
old T-90 is
rather worn out and is starting to jump out of second and third under hea=
vy loads
(like on steep grades). The old hurricane six was retired for a chevy 230=
cc L6 by the
last guy who owned it so the engine is remarkably strong and in good shap=
e. I suspect that
it was recently rebilt before I came across it, and has rather low hours =
on it.
My question is : Can the transmission be fixed, or will it need to be =
When I got the Jeep the guy said that it had recently been rebuilt along =
with the transfercase.
The transmission appears to be in decent working order in side but that =
isn't saying much
more than it isn't missing any teeth and isn't to terribly worn.
I love to drive my SW and I am rather proud of the looks people give me =

when they see me driving around in it. It has been repainted and restored=
, for the most part
by myself. I am planning on attending collage next year and I don't have =
a lot of extra cash
laying around, but I would like to keep my jeep.

If anyone has any ideas let me know! I need the thing to be dependable. =

About the only thing I have laying around that might be useful in the =
event that I need
to make a swap would be a spare 327cc Chevy. I also know were I can get =
an SM420 but
an adapter for my t-case would be rather expensive...

Ira Miller

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