Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] poor Willys ... P.S.

Re: [MV] poor Willys ... P.S.

Dan Schultz (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 23:16:11 -0700

P.S. If you decide to replace or rebuild your synchronizer then I would
also suggest putting in a small parts kit at the same time since you're
going to be in there anyway. The kit doesn't cost much and is not too
difficult to do and is cheap insurance!


> Ira,
> I was having the same problem years ago with my 1948 Willys and a new
> synchro cured it! NAPA had one sitting on the shelf for $58.50. Of course
> that was several years ago so the price is probably higher now! You might
> even be able to get away with changing only the brass blocking rings on
> your existing synchronizer and save a lot of money.
> Regards,
> Dan Schultz

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