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[MV] MV Paints
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 17:07:27 -0400 (EDT)

I have used the RAPCO paints on three vehicles, and am very satisfied. It
cover very well, being a rather thick paint, thinned with XYLOL.

My first was a GPW which I used the 34087 on and was satisfied, despite my
obvious inexperience at spray painting.

The second was a 1951 M-38 and a matching M-100 trailer, which I used RAPCO's
24052 USMC Semi-Gloss. I did not order enough paint for both units (20-20
hind sight), so I took the RAPCO paint down to my local Sherman Williams
paint store, and they matched to color exactly, even though their's was a
little flatter than RAPCO's. It would be a toss up between the two paints,
the RAPCO tended to cover better but the Sherman Williams dried much faster.

The third was a 1951 M-37, which I painted with RAPCO's 24087, straight from
the can with about 20% thinning with Xylol. Very happy with results.

RAPCO paints are made by Gillespie Coatings, Inc. of Longview, Texas;
however, they won't sell directly (I tried), only through RAPCO.

I am very satisfied with RAPCO paints; however, I will confess that I have
not gone to quite as much effort to make my vehicles as perfect as others.
This is not intended as a slam against others, merely a statement that I am
lazier than most, and am satified with 90% instead of 100%.

Good Luck, Tom Campbell - Birmingham, Alabama

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