Military-Vehicles: RE: [MV] What about oxygenated fuel?

RE: [MV] What about oxygenated fuel?
13 OCT 97 17:10:38 EDT

Thanks for the science lesson. The variables in all this are mind boggling
and I'm sure the engine rules for our oval track class play a part (390cfm
carb, 12:1 limit, etc etc). Wether their claims have good science behind them
is always questionable.

The discussion was about fuel (used in MV's) and I questioned Alan's
statement about racers by pointing out they are not stock vehicles and do not
use the same type of fuel.
Please refrain from stereotyping people, 99% of the racers I know do not
fit your description.
The engines I refer to are built in a handful of professional shops - not
home garages with the latest parts from a catalog.
The story is true and first hand from a drivers meeting. If the officials
simplified it or anything will never be known; they just gave us the results.
How scientific they were is always questionable as well as who did it and
their background.
The geraniums were very pretty until an accident knocked over the planters.


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