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Re: [MV] MB/GPW (no question mark)(?)

Todd Paisley (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 18:13:12 -0400

>On the GPW side, it has the inverted U crossmember below the grille, with a
>script F stamped on top, visible through the grille. (The F is a bit rough
>looking though.) Also, the serial number ison top of the left frame rail:

It is a GPW frame. Built Jan 1943.

>On the MB side, everything I can see about the body is Willys -- the
>toeboard gussets have five round holes instead of two round and one oval;
>the toolbox lids do not have embossed ribs; there isn't a script F anywhere
>on the body or bolt heads.

Willys MB body, non-composite.

>So for, so clear. But from underneath, the Black and White gets fairly
>Y'see, I've found the following part numbers on the engine alone
>(please forgive my lack of technical descriptiveness...)
>On top of the cylinder head, it says:
> Order 1-9-4-2
> Clearance Engine Cold
> ***** 014 Exhaust 014
> with 'Willys' & 'Jeep' stamped into it,
>so it's a post-war cylinder block,

No. Late war MB cylinder heads did have "JEEP" stamped into them
contrary to what other people think. If it has reinforcements running
between the hole for the cylinder head studs, then it is a post war head.
(Exception is the super early CJ-2As that did not have the

>but, at the bottom right of the engine
>block there's the letter 'M' beside a screwed-on plate which says 'A 9522'.
>The number 5 is also embossed at an angle on the right side of the block.
>Then, just above where the 'floating oil intake and pan' is attached,
>there's 'GPW-6015'.
>Is even the engine a hybrid MB/GPW/CJ?

GPW block. Look at the engine number to determine the year.

>-- What do I call my jeep, an MB or a GPW, given that the important 'bits'
>seem fairly evenly divided between the two. Although I'm perfectly happy
>with the beast and don't really mind calling it a hybrid, I wonder what the
>'official' line is, since mine couldn't possibly be a unique blend.

Call it a WWII arsenal rebuild. It obviously is a combination of both GPW
and Willys parts. I know over here, the title is usually based on the
If the engine number matches the frame number, I would be tempted to find
a correct GPW body, sell the MB body and restore it as a GPW. Otherwise,
just restore it for what it is now. A arsenal rebuild.

>-- Is the engine itself a hybrid or does anyone recognise the combination
>of numbers described above? In documents from the UK going back several
>decades, the jeep is called a Ford, then a Willys, and the engine size has
>been listed as 1600cc, 1800cc, 2000cc and 2200cc. Which is, or could be,

The GPW and MB blocks are interchangeable. They are both 134 cu. in.
whatever that translates to metric.

>-- Any reason why the designation on the changeover from military to
>civilian use might be CJ-3A?

Someone probably had a CJ-3A title laying around and used that on your Jeep
in order to get it registered to use on the road. Pretty common.

Todd Paisley

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