Military-Vehicles: [MV] Floorpan Rust, Repair/Replacement???

[MV] Floorpan Rust, Repair/Replacement???

Scott Strance (
Mon, 13 Oct 97 22:45:22 UT

My M38A1 has the typical rusting in the gas tank area as well as the passenger
side footwell area. I have secured a replacement pan for the gas tank side
and do not think there are any major hurdles with that side.

However, how does one go about replacing or repairing the passenger side? The
horizontal part of the footwell seems intact for the most part but begins it's
rusting holes moving towards the outer (right) side of the vehicle where the
floorboard drain holes are. There is a main vertical support located by the
slave recepticle opening that isn't attached very well to the floor board
anymore due to rusting. On the underside, the channel structure material is
also in pretty bad shape and needs major attention. Other then these two
places, the rest of the body is almost perfect.

My question to the group is: Just how do you approach and fix this? The body
tub is now bare and off the frame so tilting it up on it's tail is no problem
for repairs.

Does anyone make replacement channel that is 'oversized' and can be tacked in
place over the existing channel on the underside? Do you simply weld a floor
plate cut to fit (ugly)?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Austin, Texas
'53 M38A1 (in lots of parts but making progress!)

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