Military-Vehicles: [MV] amphi Mog?

[MV] amphi Mog?

David C. Decker (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 17:45:03 -0700

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Here's question from the Unimog list which IMHO could/might be answered
by the mil.veh. list. I sure am curious also.

Was there a 70's vintage Unimog (Case) in the US Military which was
amphibious? Full info available as attachment.
Dave in Flagstaff, AZ.USA

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I met a fellow the other day who runs two or three 406s in

Massachusetts and Maine. The truck I saw was a CASE 406 that came

from the US military (army, I think).

The owner of the truck said that the truck came with pontoons and a

propellor attachment, and that he had driven the vehicle into a river


Can anyone confirm that the US military 406 is capable of amphibious


Truck was 1970s vintage, UNIMOG and small enamel MB emblem on hood,

worm gear (4000+ to 1 ratio), overhead platform/rollover protection,

olive-green paint (owner says there's CASE orange 3 layers down).

OM352 diesel engine (not turbo). Originally capable of 45mph,

currently tuned for 55mph (90kph).

Owner mentioned difficulties in getting parts from the current

official MB distributor in the US ("some company in Arizona or New

Mexico, they never answer the phone or return calls").

According to owner, vehicle is registered as a Mercedes pick-up

truck. License plate has "commercial" designation, owner says no

problems finding insurance.




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