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Re: [MV] amphi Mog?
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 16:17:49 -0600

>Was there a 70's vintage Unimog (Case) in the US Military which was
>Subject: UNi US mil 406 - amphibious?

>I met a fellow the other day who runs two or three 406s in
>Massachusetts and Maine. The truck I saw was a CASE 406 that came
>from the US military (army, I think).
>The owner of the truck said that the truck came with pontoons and a
>propellor attachment, and that he had driven the vehicle into a river
>once. Can anyone confirm that the US military 406 is capable of amphibious
>operation? Truck was 1970s vintage, UNIMOG and small enamel MB emblem on hood,
>worm gear (4000+ to 1 ratio), overhead platform/rollover protection,
>olive-green paint (owner says there's CASE orange 3 layers down).
>OM352 diesel engine (not turbo). Originally capable of 45mph,
>currently tuned for 55mph (90kph). Owner mentioned difficulties in getting
>parts from the current official MB distributor in the US According to owner,
>vehicle is registered as a Mercedes pick-up truck. License plate has
>"commercial" designation, owner says no problems finding insurance.

I remember seeing an article in 4 Wheeler or Off Road magazine about a
Unimog that was being sold by Case sometime around "79" +-. I remember it
having a large number of gears, any ratio to go from 1 to 45 mph (do they
have three transmissions? two and the transfer case?) They could be
equiped with a loader, backhoe, blade, and a long list of other attachments
that I don't remember. I don't know if it was available with pontoons or
not. If it was used by the military but it could be a very versitile
machine. Wish I could find an affordable one somewhere.

Todd Hall
Cody WY

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