Military-Vehicles: [MV] Maint. Depot Codes and Other Assorted Questions...

[MV] Maint. Depot Codes and Other Assorted Questions...

Scott Strance (
Wed, 15 Oct 97 14:42:07 UT

As I continue on the restoration of my 53 M38A1, I have come across many
"Overhauled At" metal triangular tags. Can anyone shed some light on where
these may have been done? The last known physical location of my jeep was in
the Tulsa Oklahoma area with Civil Defense. The data plates indicated S/N
55511 with a date of delivery of 08/53. The patent plate also indicated "MD
55511" The jeep appears to be all intact as best I can tell, ie:blackout
lights, 24V, dataplates, 16" rims, original springs, gauges etc.

Voltage Regulator, "Overhauled At CSMG 06/72" Where is CSMG?
Distributor, "Overhauled At OKLANG 12/68" Where is OKLANG?
Fuel Pump, "Overhauled At CS S 4/66" Where is CS S?
Under the hood at top center was stenciled "TI Dec 66". What does this one
Also, both front and rear axle housings had a tag with the numbers 43 and an 8
just under it. What's that mean?

The block casting on the side indicates "806279-W-12-D-AR" with a "GU" over a
"GR" to the far right. The number 12640 is stamped on the front of the block
just under the thermostat neck. And on the bottom is a 3"x4" plate that reads:
"CSMS 5/25/66, S/N 65832. Bore +40, Mains -010, Rods -020" Is this the
correct block? What may be the difference between the stamped s/n and the s/n
on the rebuild plate?

The carbureator doesn't have any ID markings other than "Rochester GM
Carbureator, Patents Applied For" and the fuel mixture 'brown round thing'
next to it is stamped "GM-Lean/Rich" with arrows. Is this the correct carb or
a replacement as I think it is?

The front bumper was stenciled "45BDEX 145G (bumper ctr)

If anyone can respond about the Maintenance tags or other M38A1 owners about
the specifics, I'd appreciate it greatly.

Scott - Austin Texas
53 M38A1 (in lots of parts, but getting better)

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