Military-Vehicles: [MV] M38A1 Production Differences

[MV] M38A1 Production Differences

Scott Strance (
Wed, 15 Oct 97 14:38:32 UT

I was recently in a salvage yard where two M38A1s are located and I came to
some conclusions that I would like confirmed. Of the two M38A1's in the yard,
one appears to be 'newer' then the other. The differences are noted below:

Newer model has suspension springs with grooves on the underside of the spring
assembly front and rear.
Newer model has a passenger seat locking assembly similiar to the rear seat
lock-down assembly.
Newer model has forward struts off the firewall to brace the radiator shroud.
Newer model has a different front frame cross member with a large eyelet in
the center.

The S/N on the patent plate of the newer model (yes, it's still there) is
81255 which I believe to be one of the very last in the production run. Does
the group know at which point in S/N's these changes were incorporated?

Scott, Austin Texas
53 M38A1

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