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[MV] Potential Projects

Lt. Cmdr. Brig. Gen. Pierpont Dupoe (
Mon, 27 Aug 1956 22:04:10 +0000

I was considering the restoration of an M29 or another light tracked
vehicle such as a Locust or a Bren Carrier following the completion of
my current projects, and was looking to browse some ads to get an idea
of availability and price. I'm sure that many on this board have
experience with at least the M29. My interest is in a project vehicle,
as I enjoy the restoration work and can't afford the extra cost of labor
in a completed piece. I'd appreciate some information on price ranges
for specimens of the machines mentioned above and on the practicality of
restoring them. Here's the information I've accumulated so far. Please
let my know of any inaccuracies.

M29 - Price for a used, restorable Weasel in decent shape seems to be
around $4000-$5000, and I have seen parts available.

Locust - Price looks to be about $7000 (unrestored), without turret, of
course. Haven't found any parts for this one.

Bren Carrier - I'm assuming that these are fairly rare. I have only
seen one for sale (restored) for $12500

Thanks for your help!


Curtis Weddle

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