Military-Vehicles: [MV] Wanted: M37 Wheels

[MV] Wanted: M37 Wheels

Alan Bowes (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 13:04:42 -0600

I'm looking for two original-type wheels for my M37. They must be in
EXCELLENT condition: straight, not beat up, and practically rust-free
outside AND inside. The split rings must also be absolutely straight and
with virtually no rust. Either Budd or Goodyear should be OK (did anyone
else make these wheels?). Must be in the US or Canada.

A couple of people have told me that it's impossible to find wheels in
such good condition, but I know otherwise. So far, I've found three very
nice wheels. One of them had absolutely NO rust whatsoever and the
others only had some light surface rust inside which, after
sandblasting, showed just a few pits that were only about 1/64 inch

Most of the used wheels that I've seen have a fair amount of rust inside
the rim, forming two bands around the rim that correspond to the gaps
between the flap and the tire beads. This is where water collects and
stays wet for a long time. When the rust is sandblasted off, the pits
from the rust often go quite deep into the metal, typically between 1/32
and 1/16 inch deep (and sometimes more). Even though such wheels may be
safe enough, I'd still prefer to find some with less rust.

If anyone has a couple of nice M37 wheels they'd like to sell, e-mail
the details to me.


(Salt Lake City, Utah)

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