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Re: [MV] 12 volt M-38A1 conversion

Michael G. Howell (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 16:28:43 -0500

I speak from the experance of buying a MV that had been started from 24v
to 12v and not finished. I haven't finished it yet, but have given it a
lot of thought.

What I bought had a 12v starter and nothing else.

To finish the job you will have to change everything that works on
resistence. ie

All light bulbs:
All gages and senders:
Any electric motors: wipers, heater, etc.?

Twenty-four volt small light bulbs use the same socket as their 12v
counterparts. Headlights will need a conventional plug spliced in. For
gages, I would use an aftermarket gage set for Oil pressure, temp., and
voltage. Gas gage will be more difficult. You probably can get a CJ-5
set or do without. I think most CJ's use GM internally regulated
alternaters so brackets from a salvage CJ with the same motor should
work. The same goes for the starter. A 12 volt coil can probably be
found that can be made to work in the military distribator at the parts
store or change out the distribator to a civilian type. Vacuum wipers
would not need to be changed but electric ones would have to be

Like I said, I am only thinking about the above. Any corrections,
comments, or additions would be appreciated.

Michael Howell
Tishomingo, Mississippi
M37, M725, M35A2, M135

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