Military-Vehicles: [MV] M135 Transmission/Transfer Case Problems

[MV] M135 Transmission/Transfer Case Problems

Sean Bathrick (
Mon, 20 Oct 97 15:12

I am frustrated the Hydromatic transmission and transfer case and am looking
for advise, other than get rid of it and by an M35. Here's the problem.
The truck, when shifted into reverse, drives forward. When placed in F-1 or
F-2, on either the high or low side, it stalls. I disengaged the transfer
case, restarted and looked underneath. I noticed that the shaft between the
transmission and transfer case was turning. Is this normal? I assume that
it's free-wheeling but I don't know for sure. I still could not keep the
engine running when shifted into either of the forward driving positions.
It appears that the forward and reverse is controlled by the transfer case.
But with the transfer case disengaged, shouldn't the engine stay running, as
there is no resistance? Is this a transmission out of adjustment problem,
or a transfer case problem? Could it be the front band out of adjustment?
My next step is dropping all the linkages and finding the detents in the
transmission. But, if it's not the transmission I don't want to do all
that? Can someone tell me if the linkage and pin that is activated by the
reverse crossover shaft into the transfer case, should be parallel to the
ground when disengaged? I have tried to get it in to that point and it
doesn't seem to want to go, eventhough the service manual shows it like
that. I don't want to force it if it doesn't need to be. If someone could
take a peek at theirs and let me know, I'd appreciate it. If it does need
to be like that, I may need to take a closer look at my transfer case.
Sorry for the long description, but I wanted to be clear about the problem.
If anybody has some insight, I would truly appreciate it.

MVPA 14222

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