Military-Vehicles: [MV] web site with WW-II photos - 2nd try

[MV] web site with WW-II photos - 2nd try

PietJan Baarda (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 20:09:47 +0100

Sorry, at the first try I forgot to use hard-returns in the
message body.

Dear list,
Found a great site with a lot of MV photos.
There are a lot of high
quality photos of factory fresh vehicles about to be shipped to
some war theater. The search function is not too sophisticated.
I turned to browsing to find what I was looking for... Motorcycles.
I did find some very good shots of them (C1:2/27/065 and
C1:2/29/067). I anybody finds more bikes, please tell me.
If you look for "truck" you'll have a good starting point for vehicles
with more than two wheels.

Here is the official description of this photo collection:
The Hampton Roads port facility, located in Newport News,
Virginia, was deployed as a Port of Embarkation during World
War II to ship soldiers overseas. So many soldiers had to be
transported abroad that for some ships, Hampton Roads served
as home port. In addition to embarkations, the port received
those returning from the war. The Library of Virginia's U.S.
Army Signal Corps Photograph Collection (SCC) includes
more than 3,500 photographs from the Hampton Roads
Embarkation Series, 1942-1946. These photographs show the
preparation and loading of war materials, the activities of the
U.S. Quartermaster Corps, U.S. military personnel arriving and
departing through the ports of Hampton Roads, civilian
employees, Red Cross workers, wounded personnel, entertainers,
animals, and German and Italian prisoners of war who came
through these ports during World War II. The arrival and departure
of more than 1.5 million people in Hampton Roads was
documented by the army's Transportation Corps, which
maintained a port historian's office and assigned Signal Corps
photographers to record as many comings and goings as
practicable. In most cases, the individuals in the photographs
are identified. The army photographers interviewed the people
appearing in the photographs, and recorded this text for posterity.
PietJan Baarda

1943 42WLA

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