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Re: [MV] multi grade oils

Jim Davidson (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 20:04:54 -0700


Once again, Alan is 'spot on' with his analysis. I thought I'd add my

In my days as a VW bug owner, we were warned again and again not to EVER
switch from non-detergent to detergent oils, for the reasons that Alan
mentioned. Maybe because bugs typically don't have oil filters, just a
boulder screen...

I run synthetic oil in all my cars, very happy overall. Don't get your
hopes up for improved power or mileage, at best you might see 1 or 2%.
That in and of itself isn't a good reason to switch. The improved oiling
performance and protection is. However, in my M-54, I run 15w-40 fleet
oil, only because I can't bring myself to buy 6 gallons of mobil-1
that'll see maybe 100 miles before I change it out in six months. (yeah,
I know, I should change it more often, but I'm cheap! And have you tried
to properly dispose of six gallons of stinky oil lately? Can't even
legally carry that much in my car!) :}

Beware of additives like Slick-50. I think for the most part their
claims are exaggerated at best. The real kicker: an engine with no oil
will +IDLE+ just as long if it hasn't been treated... You've seen the
demos at fairs and car shows, I'm sure. If it was a miracle cure, the
big three would be using it to bump up their fleet mileage rating!

JIM :}

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