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Re: [MV] M416 vs M100

Stu Ellis (
Sat, 25 Oct 1997 11:02:04 -0400

Hi! I have a 1964 M416 with my 1952 M38A1. If you realize that in
Vietnam, they used M38A1's as well as 151's and others. Do you
think they stooped to assign M100's or M416;s to a model of jeep?
It was whatever was next in line. My M416 looks great with my jeep,
especially with the rope tie downs and the color of canvas of the
M100 and painted in the OD color used in the 50's. I am told that
the rims from the M38A1 are a little different and can cause damage
to axle. Also you can not use lug nuts from 416 rims. You must get
other kind. Also check JC Whitney for fenders. Stu

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