Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] US Gov Mogs?

Re: [MV] US Gov Mogs?

Andreas Mehlhorn (
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 10:06:08 +0200

David C. Decker schrieb:
> Also, has anyone ever heard of any UniMogs being sold surplus?
> Thanks in advance.
> Dave in Flagstaff,AZ.,USA

Dear Dave,

lots of UNIMOGS were sold surplus from the Bundeswehr here in Germany.
They don't have the old 404 ones any more, they sell the modern big
U1300L (130 horsepowers, long wheelbase). The total weight is 7.5
metric tons.

If you want, I can forward some pictures to you.

Military and governmental surplus is sold by the VEBEG in Germany.
You have to buy their monthly newspaper with the offers and make a bid.
The problem is, that you must (most times) bid before you have seen
the vehicles. And even if you go to the camp/depot where the vehicles are
stored, you can't make a test drive and there is no warranty on them.

There are also some traders who buy surplus vehicles from the VEBEG and
sell them to private hands. They are a little more expensive (the trader
wants to live, too) but it is easier and safer to buy there.

I don't know the prices for UNIMOGS in the US, may be they are cheaper
there than in Germany. I only know that UNIMOGS are expensive toys. A
new one costs from US-$ 120.000 to 250.000. One brake disk is US-$ 600.-,
one brake caliper is US-$ 1,200.-

But UNIMOGS are the best vehicles worldwide to carry two metric tons
payload in really hard off road conditions.


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