Military-Vehicles: [MV] WC Questions

[MV] WC Questions
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 21:38:26 -0500 (EST)

Hi Everybody!

Thanks for all the info about the fuel pumps. I still plan to switch to
electric (the WC is 12 volt, so shouldn't be too much trouble). Turns out
that it was a clogged fuel line and fuel filter. I replaced both.

BTW, after doing a little bit of research with the previous owner, I
discovered that I have a '44 model, and not a '43 model, as I thought.

I have found myself in need of the following items:

Shift Lever Knob
Tail Gate
Information on Tail Lights (and how to get them to work)
Tires (I have 2 Combat Rims and 2 Split Rims)
Info on Anti-Freeze
Info on Brake Fluid
Info on the Black-Out Lighting (and getting it to work)
Canvas (Tops, Seats, Safety Straps)

Also, I need to find out what hood numbers to put on the WC (for registration
purposes). There are no data plates (at least that I have been able to
find), nor are there any other markings except invasion stars (with the
circle) and unit markings (82 ABN 504 PIR A-6)

One other thing: Has anybody ever heard of the beds on WC-51's being made of
wood? Mine are, and I was curious if this is original, or something a
previous owner dreamed up. The deck of the bed is welded steel, and is flat
with no indentations. The walls, however, are wood. The wheel-wells are
steel. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for eveybody's help.

Robert Ratliff
Denton, TX

1944 WC-51

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