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Re: [MV] WC Questions

Gordon.W.I. McMillan (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 08:40:29 +0100

Hi Robert, you have a lot of questions there.

Easy one first, I would expect a '44 WC51 to have a wooden bed floor
(1" white Oak) with two metal rub rails front to back. I know some
details of the bed were changed during the production runs over 42 to
45 to use less strategically valuable material, but I'd still expect a
wooden floor.

Original fuel pump configuration is fine and should be retained, just
make sure you have a good pump diaphragm and nothing will leak down
where it shouldn't.

While you are talking about electrics I'd expect a '44 WC51 to be 6
volt too, I believe only the VERY late Weapons Carriers were changed to
12 volts to be able to fit radios after Command Car production was
halted. Front blackout driving light will be 6 volt and needs to run
through a resistor. Anyone else on the list know when Weapons Carriers
went to 12 volt ?

Antifreeze and brake fluids, modern 'Universal' types should be fine,
but do consider replacing ALL the seals and hoses on wheel and master
cylinders, if in doubt, new cylinders instead.

Canvas - Beechwood

Data plates - Rapco, Bowie, Texas

Everything else - Vintage Power Wagons, Iowa.

I have converted all the original lights on my Dodges to incorporate
turn signals, use the bottom lens on the rear lights painted yellow,
and fit an extra pair of small front lights painted yellow too. Plus
fit two rear lights with the large rear red lenses so you have a stop
light on both sides, and you are almost home. Gordon, Falkirk,

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