Military-Vehicles: RE: [MV] Submarine Source?

RE: [MV] Submarine Source?

Alan Bowes (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 10:27:23 -0700

I've often thought that a submarine would be the ultimate personal
vehicle. If one could afford it (that lets me out, I'm afraid).

Anyway, here's a link to a company that builds civilian submarines.
Even if you're only interested in military subs, they might be able to
give you some insight into problems, regulations, etc. that you'd have
to deal with.

And talk about fancy toys! Take a look at their "Luxury Submarines"
page. These look just like powered yachts when cruising on the surface.
Imagine the effect on onlookers when they dive below the surface! Their
smallest luxury sub (4-person) is conservatively priced at only 1.2
million dollars. Their high-end model is estimated at 75 million.

Here's a very large list of submarine-related books, etc.

Tourist submarines for sale:

Personal submarine:

(Salt Lake City, Utah)

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