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Re: [MV] Submarine Source?

Jim Webster (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 10:21:31 +0000

Colin Brookes wrote:

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> >Hi Phil,
> >
> >There is an enormous scrapyard here in Portsmouth UK that deals mainly in
> >ex-Navy ships but also has aircraft, tanks, MV's et al.
> Yep that's the place. I thought that Harry had given up on armoured
> vehicles ? I bought two T16's and a Windsor carrier out of there in the
> mid 80's. And had terrible problems trying to purchase a Centurian
> bridgelayer as they were clearing the yard out. I seem to remember that
> the guy in charge of the yard was called Buckingham.

Blimey! Is that place still there??? I remember going there in thelate 70's -
they only just let us in - I guess the army uniforms swung it.. I still have
the photo's of that place then.. piles of churchill tanks, DUKW's, M10's,
crates full of trailes of all types... amazing place. Only place I see
anything like it these days is in eastern europe. I must piut those pictures
up on the website sometime.

> Did you get to meet up with Eddy Smith at Beltring ?

Is this the eddy smith drives a jeep, lives near Manningtree, Essex? If it is
tell the old reprebate to get himself online...


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