Military-Vehicles: [MV] M416 Rim Paint

[MV] M416 Rim Paint

David C. Decker (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 19:35:04 -0800

Dan, the ALCOA stands for Aluminum Company of America. Whether the rims
are in fact aluminum or not is another story, my bet is that they are an
alloy, with aluminum being the main ingredient.
On cleaning. If you have the facilities, media blasting would work the
fastest. A hardware store will usually have 2 or 3 different grit number
of silca sand. Start on a 'hidden' part of the wheel to see the effect
and don't leave the nozzle in one place too long, it will eat material
fast. You could take it to a sandblasting company and get an estimate,
perhaps the easiest way if it is cost effective.
Aircraft stippers do work, I have used them for years on light and heavy
aircraft parts. If you have not used them in the past, don't start now.
The most effecive one's are highly toxic and leave a heck of a mess. They
also come with a long liability tail. If you go with a hardware offered
product, get the gel type as it sticks better. Only use stainless steel
brushes to clean it off and ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE WEAR!!!! The dangers
go on and on, OK for small parts but not for your job.
Another practical solution might be to find an automotive machine shop
with the correct kind of hot tank for aluminum. There is a lot of
aluminum used in cars nowadays and most of the shops know how to clean
the metal. They may shy away from all the layers of paint crudding up
their tank.
In the end, I think I would go with the media blasting, either DIY or pay
to have it done. Good luck and let us know what you do.
Dave in Flagstaff,AZ.USA

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