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Re: [MV] Aircraft Carrier Source

Jim Webster (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 16:10:36 +0000

Dean L. Kellogg, Jr wrote:

> I see we have a number of budding admirals on the list. Subs and frigates
> are nice, but if you really want the "ultimate" MV how about an aircraft
> carrier?
> The USS Cabot (a CVL of WW2 fame) is sitting in the harbor near
> Brownsville, Texas. Brownsville is trying to decide whether to buy the
> ship for about $1.5 million and use it as a museum. There is interest among
> former crewmembers to try to save the historic vessel as well, but money
> seems to be lacking. It is estimated that the Cabot needs about $2 million
> in repairs to make it "museum quality" (why not be happy with a "motor
> pool" restoration....or is that "ship pool"?) It they do not take it as a
> museum, the ship will either end up in Mexico for scrap (to return to us as
> post-NAFTA products) or on the bottom off Florida as an artificial reef.

Do you have any idea as to who is the current owner of it?


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