[MV] Tired Engine....what to do???

Scott Strance (Strance@classic.msn.com)
Mon, 1 Dec 97 20:43:45 UT

I remember a small discussion on rebuilding but couldn't find the thread in
the archives....

I've just checked the compression on my 1953 M38A1 F-Head and the best
pressure reading I can muster is about 65psi evenly across all four cylinders.
At 7:1 compression ratio, I figure I ought to have 102psi. The military
overhaul dataplate on the oil-pan indicated it was rebuilt with the Bore at
+40, Mains -010, and Rods -010. In addition, I don't seem to get any oil
pressure so I quit further testing.

1. Can this block be rebuilt and if so, will it now require new pistons?
2. Are their parts suppliers out there with original gaskets, bearings,
pistons, etc?
3. Are we pushing the limit of the F-Head at +060?
4. Are their shops the group knows of that specialize in this?

Any assistance or contacts would be appreciated.

Austin, Tx

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