Re: [MV] Tired Engine....what to do???

safe male (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 18:23:28 -0500 (EST)

At 08:43 PM 12/1/97 UT, Scott Strance wrote:
>I remember a small discussion on rebuilding but couldn't find the thread in
>the archives....
>I've just checked the compression on my 1953 M38A1 F-Head and the best
>pressure reading I can muster is about 65psi evenly across all four cylinders.
> At 7:1 compression ratio, I figure I ought to have 102psi. The military
>overhaul dataplate on the oil-pan indicated it was rebuilt with the Bore at
>+40, Mains -010, and Rods -010. In addition, I don't seem to get any oil
>pressure so I quit further testing.
>1. Can this block be rebuilt and if so, will it now require new pistons?
>2. Are their parts suppliers out there with original gaskets, bearings,
>pistons, etc?
>3. Are we pushing the limit of the F-Head at +060?
THE WAY I see it if cylinder wales are in good shape you can install a new
set of 40 overs with new rings
afer honing if the boar size is not over after cleaning up the walls
talk to a engine mich. shop

>4. Are their shops the group knows of that specialize in this?
>Any assistance or contacts would be appreciated.
>Austin, Tx
PS i'm going to have to do some thing with the engine in my m886
a 318
i run it low on oil and its sounding little like lifters not geting oil
i can kick my own butt for that

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