Re: [MV] M1919A4 .30 Machine Gun

Steven P. Allen (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 17:15:25 -0600

Sam, and all:

At 11:22 PM 11/30/97 -0500, Sam wrote:
>Yesterday I received a catalog from *The Sportsman's Guide* which lists
>*Browning US Mil M1919A4 Machine Guns* for $697.97. It says they have a dummy
>receiver. The tripod is an additional $497.97. Their order line is
>1.800.888.3006. They have a substantial catalog but I've never had any
>dealings with them...

I haven't bought anything quite that substantial from these folks, but I
have ordered numerous smaller things, and I have been satisfied with
service, product, and price. Be aware that frequent purchasers would be
advised to obtain a membership in the "club;" the membership is cheap and
offers additional, substantial discounts. The catalog is interesting to
read, too.

I have no connection with the outfit, but i wish I could buy more of their
stuff than I do. FYI.

Steve Allen

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