[MV] GPW/MB 4WD how often?

Mick O'Farrell (mick@trinity-design.ie)
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 17:48:51 +0100

This question probably applies to all MVs with 4WD, but I'm specifically
interested in GPW/MBs.

I've never had my 43 jeep off-road, and may never - I'm not convinced it
would be fair on the old engine, and I understand the 4WD was only supposed
to be used when necessary, not for the fun of it...

However, I don't want the related components to seize from non use. So in
order to keep it happy, how often annually should I engage the 4WD and for
how long should I drive it each time?

Thanks for continuing answers to my continuing questions.

Mick O'Farrell
Miss J -- '43 GPW/mb

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