Re: [MV] M1919A4 .30 Machine Gun

Michael G. Howell (
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 12:32:51 -0600

I have ordered quite a bit from "The Sportsman's Guide". Most of it has
been US Mil Surplus. I have been satisified most of the time. Only two
disappointments come to mind at this time. One was for a "GI style"
first aid kit that I thought would be US GI surplus. If the aid doesn't
say US Mil Issue it is probably an imported copy. The other time was WW
II vintage navy fuse ammo cans that were advertised as new but were
actually reconditioned. I wasn't upset enough to return either one, so I
haven't tried his "iron clad guarantee".

Michael Howell
Tishomingo, Mississippi

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