Re: [MV] What grades of oil are OMD 80 and OMD 30?

Richard Notton (
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 09:49:48 +0000

In message <>, Jim
Mills <> writes
>Recent postings have identified OMD 110, OMD 40 and OMD 75.
>What is the equivalent for OMD 80 and OMD 30?

Hi All,
The very helpful lube guy at the Defence Equipment Research Agengy here

OMD 80 is 10W/30
OMD 80X is 10W/30 to API spec CD/SE
OMD 90 is 10W/30 to API spec SF
These are high detergent diesel lube oils.

OMD 30 is 5W/20 and now superseeded by OMD 55 which is 5W/30 to API
CC/SD, this allows vehicles to operate over a greater environmental
temperature range without an oil change.

Please be careful about OMD 75 (10W/30) which was supposed to replace
OMD 110 (SAE 30). OMD 75 is a "1970's" style multi-grade and not like
the modern products although it is available here as a "classic" oil -
at a price. Pressure fed gearboxes (eg Stalwart) are safer on OMD 110.


Richard Notton

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