Re: [MV] Very early 1942 GPW

john edwards (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 19:35:40 -0800

Todd Paisley wrote:
> >Very early GPW with Willys frame had the pressed radiator grill without
> >center dent.....
> Did it just have a hole or was it just flat? The "dent" is for clearance
> for the tab welded to the front crossmember for the lower mount on the
> grille. Does it have this tab? That is interesting. Where did you hear
> this?
> Todd Paisley


It is dead flat ! Mine still has the original chassis, grill, body,
glovebox lid, nomenclature plates, rear body tub and brass fittings.

If you need measurements or a photo let me know.

John (Sydney Australia) W-2063387

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