[MV] HUMMWV chassis number

A.Mehlhorn (a.mehlhorn@t-online.de)
Wed, 3 Dec 97 13:36 +0100

Hello list!

I've asked some weeks ago for some data for the HUMMER. Thanks to
all who responded. I need the data to make a German title.

Now I've seen and driven the vehicle and can tell you some more
details. The data plate shows:

Truck utility 1 1/4 ton, 4x4 W/E (HMMWV)
Type: M998
Delivery: 11/1985
Serial-no.: 005884
Registration-no: NG 248 A

On the engine housing is cast in: GM 6.2L D

My questions:
Is the serial number the vehicle identification number (VIN)? Is this
number only on the data plate or is this number (or the VIN) also
on the chassis frame? If yes, where?

What is the registration-number?

Any data about the GM 6.2L Diesel engine (without turbo)?
Exact capacity? Performance? Top speed?

Gross Vehicle weight? Maximum towed load (braked/unbraked)?

Ok, a lot of questions. Please note, HUMMERs are not too common in
Germany and so we don't have much data in stock.

Thanx in advance, regards from frosty Germany

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