Re: [MV] Very early 1942 GPW

Lee Ethridge (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 08:37:59 -0600

>If you need measurements or a photo let me know.
>John (Sydney Australia) W-2063387

I don't understand. Where is this dent supposed to be? My
father-in-law's GPW doesn't seem to have a dent in the grille. It's
GPW95234*, which someone told me meant it was a 1943. He's always
thought it was an early '42, though.

Does anyone else's frame serial number end with a star?

I'd like to see photos of a dented and a dent-less grille so I can
compare them.

As always, I can e-mail photos of my father-in-law's GPW to anyone who
wants to see it.

I've got a close up of the grille that shows the script F on the
crossmember, as well as some wider shots that show the grille.


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