[MV] engine

Van Burns (vburns@selu.edu)
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 11:59:47 -0600

Hi All:
I am still looking for an engine for my 44'MB. While examining the
remaining blocks in a local jeep graveyard, I have noticed one or two
blocks may be of use for my purpose. However, I need some input in order
to determine if these blocks are actually the ones I need.
The casting number (638632) would seem to be appropriate for a 44' MB
(correct me if I am wrong!), and the date of manufacture (MM DD) would
represent the month and date. However, toward the upper left of this data
is a circle of dots with a pointer in the center. What does this marking
mean? Could it be the year of manufacture? If so, how could I determine
if the pointer and dot represents the year I need?
Any and all input by you would be appreciated. Van

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