Re: [MV] Fuel Gauge grounding problem

Buzz (
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 09:28:04 -0800

At 03:55 AM 12/4/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi everybody!
>I've been enjoying the numerous messages from the sidelines, but I need to
>ask for some help. I recently replaced my fuel gauge and fuel sender for
>my MB, but I have been unable to get them to work. I suspect that I am
>having a grounding problem. Does anyone know where I could obtain a copy
>of a wiring schematic diagram that might help me locate all the necessary
>grounding cables?
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Hi Walter,
I have been selling jeep wiring diagrams. There are two COLOR wiring
diagrams, back to back,
for the MB/GPW WWII jeep. One diagram is of the complete jeep while the
other is an enlargement of the light switch. These are 8 1/2" by 11"
diagrams laminated in plastic, so you'll never get them dirty or dog eared.
I am also including a list of wires and cables with part numbers, and
colors that are used in the jeep wiring.
I am asking $5.00 for the wiring diagram package, plus $1.00 for mailing
envelope, postage and handling. Please email me for my address.

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