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Todd Paisley (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 17:24:26 -0500

> I am still looking for an engine for my 44'MB. While examining the
>remaining blocks in a local jeep graveyard, I have noticed one or two
>blocks may be of use for my purpose. However, I need some input in order
>to determine if these blocks are actually the ones I need.
> The casting number (638632) would seem to be appropriate for a 44' MB
>(correct me if I am wrong!), and the date of manufacture (MM DD) would
>represent the month and date. However, toward the upper left of this data
>is a circle of dots with a pointer in the center. What does this marking
>mean? Could it be the year of manufacture? If so, how could I determine
>if the pointer and dot represents the year I need?

I believe what you have is the second generation CJ-2A "clock block" engine
('some '45s and real early '46s). The clock I believe is some sort of time
interval of when the casting was made. The numbers underneath it are the
month and the date. To determine the year, you have to look at the engine
number. Like most everything Willys, there are exceptions. Most clock
blocks had the engine number stamped on the top of the block between the
water pump and cylinder head. I have seen one example of a clock block that
was stamped in the same location of the MBs. (Most of the '45 CJ-2As used
the MB engine casting with the side stamped CJ2A-XXXXX numbering.)

Todd Paisley

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