[MV] Fuel heater for S-250G Comm shelter

Dean E. McCahan (dmccahan@csrlink.net)
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 20:36:53 -0500

Does anyone know where I could find a fuel burning heater that was once =
used in my surplus S-250G communications shelter?

The heater used to reside on the 'seat' on the left side as viewed from =
the rear. There is an air intake, fuel can holder, and fuel inlet to the =
left of the door, and an exhaust outlet on the left side wall. (as =
viewed from the rear)

I was also told that there is a package-type HVAC (AC power, not fuel) =
unit available, that could just be ducted into the shelter.=20

Thanks in advance,

Dean E. McCahan
1963 Unimog 404.114 ex-French/NATO troop transport

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